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At MAGIC TAN & MASSAGE, we take great pride in providing our clientele with state of the art tanning equipment while also providing a clean and safe tanning experience with every visit. Whether you are a beginner or advanced tanner, we offer both tanning beds and tanning booths to suit every skin type.


The Silver Bullet features a blend of medium and high pressure bulbs to help deepen your color in a quick 12 minute session. The unique frosted flat bench acrylic ensures exceptional comfort while also assisting in delivering maximum and even color. Fully adjustable interior climate control with built in air conditioning. Adjustable light level controls for the facial bulbs/shoulder tanners.47 Total Lamps, including three 600 watt Vertical High Pressure Facial Lamps.
Maximum exposure time - 12 minutes

KBL Alpha 6800

The KBL 6800 Alpha is the most sophisticated tanning bed in the industry. This unique bed helps you to achieve the perfect tan specific for your skin type through its cutting edge IntelliSun technology. This amazing and unique feature allows you to select specific UV settings based on your particular pigmentation level, preventing your skin from ever reaching a tanning plateau BASIC: An even proportion of UVA and UVB producing a balanced tanning effect. Creates Melanin and darkens at the same time.

MEDITERRANEAN: A higher proportion of UVA resulting in faster tanning. (Bronzing).

CARIBIC: A higher proportion of UVB producing a more intense tan.(Reddening). Only recommended for advanced tanners.

The KBL Alpha 6800 not only offers amazing tanning power. It also provides relaxing amenities such as full body misters, aromatherapy, voice prompts, several music options (USB connector that allows you to easily connect your smart phone/I Pod so you can enjoy your own music) and built in air conditioning to keep you cool and comfortable during your tanning session!

The KBL Alpha 6800 contains a total of 54 lamps including four adjustable high pressure facial lamps and two high pressure shoulder lamps

Maximum exposure time - 10 minutes

SuperSonic 220

The Supersonic tanning booth provides a higher concentration of UVB rays perfect for our advanced tanners. This unique quality will not only help push your tan to the next level when you’ve reached your tanning plateau, but will also help you to achieve that beautiful beach like enhanced tan.. This is the only tanning booth with a significant amount of UVB that can accomplish that.
Maximum exposure time - 8 minutes

Sun Capsule

The Sun Capsule is everything you ever expected and more in a vertical tanning system. This state of the art tanning machine is the benchmark in technology and performance with the fastest tanning time in the industry. The Sun Capsule is equipped with 54 lamps that deliver more UVA to help achieve the darkest tan possible in only 7 minutes. Step on the elevated platform within the patented 5.5 sided design and surround yourself in the finest Ultra High Performance 250 watt tanning system.
Maximum exposure time - 7 minutes

Base Bed

The Klaufsun is considered to be our standard base bed but by no means is this bed ordinary. Achieve that beautiful, healthy and radiant glow in as little as 15 minutes. A perfect option for clients looking to build a base tan on a budget or for the frequent tanner looking to maintain that healthy glow. Even though this is a base bed it surely accommodates the bodybuilder or anyone looking for the comfort you get in our higher end beds.
Maximum exposure time - 15 minutes